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Volunteer Opportunities



Here are a couple ways you can get involved. If any of these interest you please give me a shout back. Have a great day:



2.Supply Drive-where you ask for supplies that we pack in our bags.

3.Packing event and supply drive, where we would work together to gather supplies and have a packing event with a school or church or organization or just friends.

4.Help out with trying to get donations from companies you may have a connection with.

5.Pick an item we collect and ask family and friends for that item.

6.Raise $75 to sponsor a night at the St Luke's Community Dinner.

7.Volunteer at our Community Dinner.

I am open to any suggestions as well. Like I said I'm available to speak at any time to anyone that wants to listen. LOL please let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you immensely for your volunteer effort.

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Access our volunteer sign-up through SignUpGenius! This website includes all of our upcoming events!


Blessing Bag Brigade SignUp:


- Or by clicking the SignUpGenius image!

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